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Welcome to Quiet River Land Services, Inc. We are a full-service professional Land Surveying & Mapping company serving our valued clients throughout Northern California.

We often hear people say, “Love your logo, and that Quiet River is so peaceful – is there a story there?”  Well, yes, the Founder of Quiet River Land Services, grew up in the mountains of Colorado and began his survey career in 1977 near the banks of the Eagle River and in the shadow of the Gore Mountain Range near Vail.  He worked with many talented and dedicated land surveyor/mountain men who both loved surveying and loved the mountains and being outside.  After all, land surveyors spend at least five days a week working outside in all types of weather and conditions… then go camping, fishing, hiking and/or skiing on the weekends.

That can be difficult at times and requires health, endurance, the right equipment, heart, and a deep love for both the outdoors and the work of measuring land.  But it also has many stunning rewards and blessings, especially for mountain surveyors.

Many were the days when the crew was set up early in the morning in a peaceful meadow, only to turn around and see a small heard of elk come out through a stand of Aspen trees, head down to a small creek to get a drink of cold mountain water. Or watch a curious Redtail hawk on the wing overhead, come by to check us out while looking for her breakfast.

And there is nothing else like sitting down next to a quiet, peaceful, crystal-clear river flowing by your feet. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the beauty, the power and strength, the elusive bounty below the surface - there is life along a river where a complex network of coexisting organisms and creatures are dependent upon each other for health and survival.   One need only sit quietly by that river and watch for a while to think more clearly, to better understand life and your place in it, and to be refreshed, renewed and reminded before getting up and moving on.

Living in the Bay Area of California in 2019 certainly has a different pace and rhythm from the mountains of Colorado in the 70’s and 80’s,  and those elk are few-and-far-between on most days, but the Quiet River is a marvelous place to consider each morning glancing at the logo on the trucks and on our maps, and helps to remind us of the importance of protecting and preserving what is valuable – even priceless - while we work together with all types of people and creatures too, as we experience this interesting and amazing thing we call life.

And in our life, we are Surveying and Mapping Professionals who serve other Professionals so they can do what they love to do. We value all our clients highly and treat them with respect and dignity, as we understand that your success is ours, and that we trust and depend on each other in many ways for our mutual vitality.  So, I invite you to take just minute out of your busy day to look at a few of the river photos before you move on to see our survey instruments, tripods, our Services and Projects.  Come by whenever you need some quiet time by a river.

Kevin M. McGuire, CA PLS #6437 President and CEO, founder of Quiet River Land Services, Inc.

Professional Land Surveyor holding current valid license in two western states.
Colorado - PLS #23897 obtained 1986
California - PLS # 6437 obtained 1990


Phone Number: (925) 734-6788

Address: 6747 Sierra Ct, Suite K Dublin, CA 94568

Service Area: Northern California

Email Address: POB@Quiet-river.com

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