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Professional Land Surveying and 3-D Mapping/Drafting Services

Design Professionals:

After a lifetime career serving and working directly with all types of Professional Engineering and Architectural Designers,  the leadership and technicians of QRLS are known for producing detailed, thorough, design-grade, Existing-Conditions Topographic Surveys and digital Mapping Deliverables.  We understand the difficulties and risks of engineering and architectural design projects, as well as the designer’s requirement for accurate, responsive and complete Survey Data.  We listen and work along with your Team to understand the various Project Parameters, priorities and Scope, and then anticipate your needs and try to go beyond expectations.  Our attention to detail has resulted in countless successful projects, strong relationships and many years of repeat business & collaboration.

  • Landscape Architects - Specialized Topography Projects, City Park upgrades
  • Architectural Design/Development Projects - Residential and Commercial
  • Civil Engineering – Street improvement, Grading & Drainage Design Projects
  • Water/Sewer System Engineering Design Projects: Pipes, Routes & Tanks
  • Solar Canopy-Array Engineering Projects – Site Surveys – Parking Lots, Buildings, Array Layout

Municipal Services for Bay Area Cities, US Government and Regional Agencies:

QRLS has had the good fortune, as well as the privilege, to serve the Engineering and Public Works Departments of many Cities in and around the San Francisco Bay Region. From On-call contracts to invitations to team with other professionals for municipal and agency capital Improvement projects.  Our Land Surveying and Mapping services are recognized as valuable, responsive and competitive.  As a company affiliated with Operating Engineers Local 3, we are a prevailing-wage employer familiar with manning and apprentice requirements, as well as the DIR submittals.

  • Specialized Design-Grade Municipal Engineering Topography for All Types of Capital Improvement Projects
  • Easements and Legal Descriptions for Recording Purposes – Acquisitions and Property Transfers
  • Utility Location Surveys, Routes Surveys, Drainage, As-builts, Underground Pipe Surveys with Depths
  • Curb Ramps, Curb/Gutter/Sidewalk, Traffic Calming, Right-of-way surveys and determination
  • Construction Staking, Project Layout & Grading Services
  • Lagoon and Pond Dredging projects

Wireless Telecommunications Site Development and Compliance Services:

Since 1995, the leadership and employees of QRLS have been serving all sectors of the Wireless Telecom Industry throughout California. Starting in 1995 with Pacific Bell Mobile Services, the leadership of QRLS helped to create and establish industry standards and templates for the Specialized Wireless Telecom Site Mapping and the 1-A Survey - Coordinate/Elevation Form in use today.  After delivering literally thousands of surveys and maps, the knowledgeable team at QRLS continues still, 24 years later, serving the major Wireless Carriers and their Development, Construction and Compliance Teams by providing responsive and valuable surveys, maps, construction staking and consulting services for all types of Wireless Network projects.

  • Site Permitting and Development Telecom Surveys  (Raw Land, Urban Interface, Tower/PG&E/Microwave Sites)
  • Roof-Top TI Surveys - Difficult/Complex Roof Detail Surveys
  • 1-A/2-C Survey & ASAC Coordinate Forms / Network Audits / COW / Height Verifications “Tape Drop”
  • DAS Network Urban Surveys – Pole Surveys – Right-of-Way Determinations

    General Land Surveying for Commercial and Residential Clients and Projects:

    Another sector of the Bay Area clients we serve are both the Commercial and Residential projects.  These projects and clients can require a nimble approach and tight turn-around times and often include Surveying, Mapping and Consulting Services for such projects as commercial land sales, A.L.T.A. maps, Solar Canopies, Utility Locates & Mapping, Residential property boundary surveys for additions, new construction, fence lines and property boundary disputes.

    • Property Boundary Surveys, Fence Line and Retracement Surveys
    • Determination of Property Lines, Rights-of-Way - Setting Steel Property Corner Markers
    • County Record of Survey Maps,  Corner Records  & Lot Line Adjustment Submittals
    • Detailed Existing Conditions Topographic Mapping for Residential and Commercial Design projects –
    • A.L.T.A./N.S.P.S. Commercial Lending Projects
    • Parcel Map and Tentative Map projects
    • Carlson / AutoCAD Civil 3-D Mapping Deliverables, Full-Scale Map Printing
    • FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates
    • Building Inspector Certificate Letters (Foundation and Ridge-height Cert letters)